Cancer is a Disease of the Genome

Of the 20,000 genes that make up the human genome, about 400 genes are known to be highly associated with cancer. If mutations occur in genes that control important functions such as cell growth, it can cause cells to multiply out of control, leading to tumor formation.

With cancer TodsysHealth testing, now we can quickly decode the tumor DNA and identify cancer-related mutations. Knowing the mutations that drive the patient's cancer empowers the physicians to tailor treatment options for each patient.

Finding the Right Treatment for You

Patients with the same type of cancer often carry different genetic mutations, so two lung cancer patients may need different treatments because their tumors have different genetic mutations. Comprehensive genomic profiling allows physicians to identify the optimal treatment for each patient. This patient-specific approach is called “precision medicine.”

More Options, with Better Precision

TodsysHealth profiling can sometimes find more treatment options for patients. Because patients of different cancer types may carry the same cancer-causing mutations, a drug approved for breast cancer, for example, may benefit a lung cancer patient who has a genetic alteration more commonly seen in breast cancer.

Cancer management is highly complex. In addition to TodsysHealth profiles, the physician needs to consider many factors including the patient's conditions and treatment history. It is therefore essential to discuss with your doctor and have your doctor comprehensively evaluate whether genomic testing is right for you. You can also contact us to learn more.

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